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Episode 108: April 24, 2018

Over the next month, thousands of new graduates will receive their diplomas and enter one of the best job markets in years. Making the transition from student to professional is no doubt exciting, but it comes with questions and unknowns. Molly Pieroni is Managing Director of JatoTech Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm she co-founded in 1999. She earned her bachelor’s degree from William & Mary and her MBA from Harvard Business School. Pieroni’s had an outstanding career, much of it spent in male-dominated industries. Last month, she visited William & Mary for the Women’s Stock Pitch and Leadership Summit hosted at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business. There, she met with young women about to launch their careers. Today she joins us to share thoughtful, relevant advice for new grads entering the world of business.

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  • What it’s like being female in a male-dominated industry
  • Why it is beneficial to have more women in a group
  • The importance of absorbing information and moving on
  • How Molly made her career choices
  • How important is passion in terms of success
  • What to do to give back to teachers, coaches, mentors
  • How women should approach entering into a male-dominated business
  • What it means to “de-gender” your outlook
  • How business communication between genders has evolved over time
  • What men can learn from women in the workplace
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