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Episode 31: March 15, 2016

You may have been a part of some great organizations in your career, and maybe some not-so-great ones. Company culture plays a major role in how great an organization can be, and David Friedman helps companies and organizations build positive company culture. He’s the author of Fundamentally Different: Building a Culture of Success Through Organizational Value, and he chat with us about the fundamental behaviors and culture that make some organizations great.


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  • How he got into the field of building culture
  • Why he became an entrepreneur and how he grew his business
  • How culture is a big business attraction
  • The way he wrote his book about culture
  • The fundamental behaviors that he teaches at an organization
  • Why people are talking about culture more and more but not doing very much about it
  • How the culture of a group significantly influences the performance of the group
  • How to create rituals
  • Why leadership needs to drive cultural change
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