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Episode 109: May 09, 2018

Artificial intelligence may become one of the most important and transformational technologies of our time. AI can affect just about every aspect of business; including leadership, results and the bottom line, hiring, retention and culture, decision making, and innovation. While we see and hear a great deal about artificial intelligence, for many professionals, the topic remains somewhat of a mystery. Jennifer Engelhardt knows the ins and outs of AI. She’s a partner at IBM Global Business Services and spent years in the life sciences space where, thanks to AI, some amazing breakthroughs are occurring regarding therapies, patient care, and cures. We sat down with Engelhardt last week where she explained artificial intelligence, how organizations can embrace it, and how it can be used to make meaningful decisions.

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  • How artificial intelligence usage can benefit the life sciences space
  • How Watson is helping healthcare professionals
  • What AI can contribute to business recruiting
  • What skills does a professional need to utilize AI
  • How to increase user adoption for AI analytics
  • What is the best way to train on artificial intelligence systems
  • How is AI changing the skill set of professionals
  • What a business needs to adopt AI practices
  • The importance of trusting AI data
  • How artificial intelligence can be used to make better informed decisions
  • Does age matter when it comes to adopting AI
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