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Episode 1: September 09, 2015

Dave Cote is the chairman and CEO of Honeywell International Inc. Dave became chairman of the board in 2002 and is now one of the highest paid executives in America. Mr. Cote discusses what makes a good leader as well as the roles of CEOs in companies and why it’s important to grow into positions.


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  • Fad-surfing – What it is and why to avoid it as a leader
  • The role the CEO plays in getting things moving.
  • Why picking metrics can be misleading
  • Managing the e-mail onslaught and the challenges of a hyper connected world
  • The media and why we see Dave Cote featured so often
  • Why leaders should have their internal story be the same as their external story
  • How Dave Cote “grew into” the position of CEO at Honeywell
  • Why working as an hourly employee in a factory was important for his role as a CEO
The Three Things that Make Up Good Leadership:
  1. Ability to Motivate a Large Group of People – 5%
  2. Ability to Pick the Right Direction
  3. Get Everybody Moving Step-by-Step in that Direction
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