Unleash the Power of Your Network  – by Inga Carboni, Ph.D.

Connect the Dots is a fun, fast-paced, and fact-based book for working professionals seeking to take the next step in their careers. The truth is that networking is not about managing impressions or projecting your personal brand. Effective networkers build, nurture, and leverage relationships, real relationships built on genuine connection. When done correctly, networking isn’t sleazy or manipulative. Instead, it’s empowering—for you, for all the people you know, and for all the people they know.

Connect the Dots: How to Build, Nurture, and Leverage your Network to Achieve your Goals offers a combination of personal stories, business anecdotes, self-assessments, exercises, and concrete guidelines grounded in the latest scientific research. Connect the Dots focuses on developing your personal power and leadership skills by creating effective networks and networking effectively. This book is designed to benefit everyone, from young professionals to senior managers, human resource professionals to C-suite executives.

Unleash the power of your network by learning how to connect the dots to make your network work for you.